PBA Parents Group Meeting Minutes – 09/11/2014

Pen Bay Association – Parents Group
Meeting Minutes – 09/11/2014

Present: Abby Enggass, Jon Dodge, Chris Chappell, Marisa Marquis, Allison Philbrook, Melinda Ferrazza, Cindy Wallace – Administrator

Opening Prayer & Welcome: Abby Enggass opened the meeting in prayer and welcomed and introduced those who were in attendance.

Treasurers Report: Katy reported to Abby that there was about $1,900.00 in the PBA checking account.

Meeting Discussions:

Annual Auction: Abby told the group about the big Fundraising Auction that the PBA hosts every November. Families are encouraged to reach out to two or three businesses or other organizations to ask for donations. There will be a “solicitation letter” that families can give to businesses which explains what the auction is and what we use the funds raised for. Copies of the letter will be available in the school office. (And attached to these notes.) This years auction will be held on Friday, November 14th at 6pm. Abby will contact John Bottero, our auctioneer, to confirm his service. We will need many, many volunteers to help make this auction a huge success! Please inquire in the school office, or see a member of the PBA, to find out what you can do!

Drama Production: The PBA would like to have a play production (put on by the PBCS students) in the spring. The idea is to set it up like a dinner theater production and serve hors d’oeuvres at the event. More discussion about that in the months to come.

Movie Theater Booklet Fundraiser: Jon Dodge has researched a fun fundraiser which we will kick off in October. Do you like to go to the movies? Thanks to Flagship Cinemas, we are excited to offer Flagship Cinema Movie Books. In the books, recipients will receive over $200 in Free Concessions and Movie Tickets for just $25! These will be great gifts for holidays, birthdays or “just because”! More details to come.

Extra-Curricular Opportunities: The PBA will be coordinating a variety of student activities throughout the school year. Abby will contact the MidCoast Recreation Center in order to enroll our students in their 4-Week Tennis Lessons Program as well as their 4-Week Ice Skating Lessons Program. The school will use Luce Transportation to get the children to and from the MRC. Dates will be determined.

Skiing at the Camden Snow Bowl is another possibility. Marisa has connections at the Snow Bowl and will look into this.

Soccer Program: The soccer program is now officially a part of the Maine Christian School Sports League. Our team is a mix of PBCS students as well as Home-Schooled students in the community. Students in grades 4 – 8 are encouraged to participate! Chris Noland, our Phys. Ed instructor, is the coach. He is volunteering his time for both positions and we are so grateful. Steve Enggass is the assistant coach and we are thankful for his help as well! We encourage all families to come out and support the kids at their home games … games are held on the field adjacent to the school. Home games are as follows: Monday, September 22 at 4pm, Thursday, September 25 at 4pm and Thursday, October 2 at 4pm.

The soccer team is in need of benches for the sidelines. Any leads on where we could acquire two sets of benches would be greatly appreciated.

The “Soccer Moms” are coordinating a concession stand for the home games. Proceeds from the concessions will be used to pay for the soccer officiating. We are hoping the Upper Grade Art Class will be able to create a sign for the concession table.

Hot Lunch: Jon Dodge has volunteered to lead up the Hot Lunch program this year. Hot lunch will be scheduled “every other Wednesday” starting on Wednesday, September 24th. The menu for hot lunch will be provided in the Weekly Reminder the week prior to. This will give students the opportunity to decide if they want hot lunch. Cost is $2.00 per child.

If your child in in preschool or Kindergarten, we would still like to welcome you down to the lunchroom and join us on Hot Lunch days. Just let the office know you are coming so we can be prepared for extra meals. All preschool and kindergarten students participating in hot lunch must be accompanied by their parent/guardian.

Trunk or Treat Event: The PBA will consider holding a Trunk or Treat event at the school on Friday, October 31. This is a safe alternative to traditional “trick or treating”. Folks park their cars in the school parking lot and children go from “trunk to trunk” collecting candy. It is a fun family event. We will discuss this again at the October PBA meeting and decide.

Teacher of the Month: Every month the PBA recognizes a teacher or staff member to honor. We have chosen Mrs. Robertson, our Head Preschool Teacher, as our September Teacher of the Month. We encourage you to send Mrs. Robertson a card to let her know how much you appreciate her!

Next Meeting: The next meeting will be held on Thursday, October 2nd at 8:15am. All parents are welcome to attend!

Closing Prayer: Pastor Chris Chappell

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