From the Desk of our Administrator …

Mrs. Wallace

Week of January 19, 2015

Dear Pen Bay Christian School Family,

As I write this, students and faculty are wearing pajamas!  Hot lunch today was “Breakfast for lunch,” so we decided that celebrating “Pajama Day” at Pen Bay Christian School would be fun for all.  Next Wednesday we will have pizza for lunch as the PBA is giving us a “pizza party” as a thank you for our very successful Flagship Cinema fundraiser last fall!

On a more serious note, I hope you and your family took some time to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. this weekend. Growing up in the 50s, discrimination didn’t touch me. My church, Moody Memorial Church, was color-blind as was the Christian school I attended. When my family traveled south to Florida I was shocked to see such appalling racial discrimination. When my father stopped for gas, I distinctly remember asking my mother if I might have a drink from the “colored” water fountain as I had never seen that before. Following her explanation, I began to notice the “segregated South.” Upon our return, I sang, “Jesus Loves the Little Children” with much greater understanding. Dr. King’s message of non-violence took courage and deserves our remembrance.

Mrs. Stanclift has chosen to use this week’s chapel service to honor King’s memory by highlighting the continuing need for peace on this troubled planet. Her Art students helped us remember that the only real peace is found when the “Prince of Peace” is Lord of our lives. As Christians, we are called to live lives that exhibit the fruits of the Spirit. We do that whenever we bring peace to others.

In Him,  Cynthia Wallace

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