From the Desk of our Administrator …

Mrs. Wallace

Week of January 26, 2015

Dear Pen Bay Christian School Family,

Our students and staff are playing “catch-up” today as we have just returned from two snow days in a row. In my years in the classroom, I was always glad I didn’t need to travel on a snowy day but never looked forward to the interruption in our classroom routine. Safety of our children is always our primary concern and will be foremost in my mind whenever we decide to cancel school. It is doubly difficult this week as our progress reports are being prepared. I am not sure where the month of January went this year. We will be beginning the second half of our school year next week only to experience February vacation in two weeks. Classroom time can indeed be a challenge during the winter!

My door is always open to parents and students at our school if they wish to share their concerns with me. I want to extend that invitation again to our school family. I always appreciate hearing from you!

In Him,

Cynthia Wallace

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