From the Desk of our Administrator …


Week of February 2, 2015

Dear Pen Bay Christian School Family,

It is good to be back at school after an unexpected long weekend. As mentioned in our recent newsletter, school cancellation decisions are made with the safety of our children, families, and staff in mind.

Last week’s chapel service was a very unique and special presentation from Mrs. Chamberlain’s class. Following their presentation, each of us received a star with one of the “fruits of the Spirit” printed on it. They were given out in such a way that each of us received our star without knowing what was printed on it. Sharing our stars after chapel, staff members acknowledged the appropriateness of the star they had received. Unless we abide in the “true vine,” Jesus Christ, the Spirit cannot work in our lives! All are welcome at our chapel services each Friday at 8:30AM. Come and receive a blessing as our students and staff worship and praise the Lord.

We were sorry to hear that Mrs. Matthews will not be returning to our school this year due to a recent fall. We are remembering her in prayer as she recovers. We are grateful that Mrs. Flaherty has agreed to return to PBCS for the rest of the school year.

As I write this, the school has cowgirls, magicians, royalty, gardeners, barnyard animals, chefs, and an assortment of most unusual personalities. It is our annual “silly hat day!” Days like this remind all of us of our childhood and the need to laugh. “Joy” is after all a “fruit of the Spirit.”

In Him,

Cynthia Wallace

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