More about Kindergarten Screening

Kindergarten Screening!

Hello Preschool Parents!

It’s that time of year… time to think about enrolling your child into kindergarten. PBCS offers an excellent half-day Kindergarten program. Our kindergarten literacy program includes reading, phonics, and English. Mrs. Heanssler is an experienced teacher who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. She provides each of her students with the strong start that all children need in Literacy, a foundation for their future academic success. Her students start their day with a Bible class, memorizing many verses of scripture throughout the year! Additionally our kindergarten curriculum includes Math, Spelling, Heritage Studies, Science, Music, Art and Physical Education. With the support of our parent group, (the PBA), our elementary students learn tennis and take ice skating lessons as well as go on a number of field trips in the course of the year.

Each Kindergarten screening will be approximately 20 minutes as our kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Heanssler, checks the readiness of your child for kindergarten. After the screening, Mrs. Heanssler will interpret the results and answer any questions that you may have. Please see Mrs. Lappin for new dates and times. You may also call 596-6460 to make an appointment or change your appointment time. You will be able to fill out registration papers for the upcoming 2015/2016 school year at the screening.

Did you know that Kindergarten students may request Financial Aid? Elementary students including Kindergarten students also qualify for the multi-student family discount that PBCS offers. Please stop by our office to request information on our financial aid policies.

Thank you!

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