Registration for Fall 2015



Dear Families,

It’s that time of year again. Registration for the fall is open to students currently enrolled at Pen Bay Christian School. Please note that registration fees for K-6 will be discounted by $75.00 if your student’s registration fee is paid by April 1, 2015. The full registration fee schedule and tuition rates are as follows:

Elementary School

Registration Fees

$150.00 if paid by April 1st

$175.00 if paid by May 1st

$225.00 if paid after May 1st


Kindergarten Tuition                          $2200.00/yr, $220.00/month

Elementary Tuition                             $3200.00/yr, $320.00/month


Registration Fees                                $   75.00

2 Day – 3 year old (T, TH)                 $1300.00/yr, $130.00/month

3 Day – 4 years old (M, W, F)            $1750.00/yr, $175.00/month

Time: 8:00am – 11:30am

Think about it…What can you get for $20.00? Is there something you spend $20.00 on each day? Coffee? Lunch out? Did you know that you are giving your child a well-rounded Christian education for less than $20.00 a day?

If you break down the yearly tuition for Pen Bay Christian School to represent a daily rate, it is surprising how affordable it really is. An elementary student paying the full yearly tuition rate may seem like an overwhelming amount but if you break it down to daily costs, your fee is less than $20.00 per day! Even more surprising, an elementary student with a full financial aid package pays less than $15.00 per school day!

The chart listed here is calculated by exactly the number of days your child comes to school.

Yearly Tuition              Daily Rate         Daily Rate with Scholarship

Gr. 1-6                         $3,200.00                    $18.28               $14.00

Kindergarten                $2,200.00                   $12.57                $11.14

Please stop by the office and pick up a new registration packet and sign your student(s) up today to take advantage of the deep registration discounts available now.

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