From the Desk of Administrator …

Mrs. Wallace

Week of March 23, 2015

Dear Pen Bay Christian School Family,

Plans, new faces, new school years always excite me!! It is exciting to see our classes coming together for the 2015-2016 school year. We thank all of you who have sent back your “intent to return” information. It is important that we have tentative numbers for our budget and materials..

As a former classroom teacher it is always very enjoyable to spend some time in our classrooms. Our teachers are very gifted and bring their unique gifts to our school. As I compare what we offer to our students with some of the other schools in our area provide I am grateful for each one placed here. We all see our job as a mission of service to our students, their families and ultimately to Our Lord.

Are you getting excited about Easter?? It’s not about bunnies, eggs, and new clothes but it is a celebration! Through Jesus Christ’s death on the cross we are reborn into newness of life. Becoming a part of the family of God is certainly something to celebrate!

In Him and for Him,

Cindy Wallace

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