From the Desk of the Administrator

Dear Pen Bay Christian School Family,

Pen Bay Christian School is off to a great start. Last Friday, Pastor Adolphsen challenged us to “fully awake” at school this year!! He drew our attention to Philippians 1:9-11 as his text.

Several years ago, my husband and I attended the marriage retreat, “Weekend to Remember” sponsored by Family Life Today. One of the books available for purchase was called, Raising a Modern Day Knight.  If you take the time to research the various codes of chivalry that governed “knightly behavior,” you would see several common themes. As I looked over different examples of these codes of honor, they seemed to sound familiar. I realized that as children of the Heavenly Father through our Savior, Jesus, the true King of Kings we are called to exhibit the “fruits of the Spirit” not dissimilar from how a medieval knight might behave to honor an earthly king. Our “Pen Bay Knight’s Code of Honor,” found in our 2015-2016 Student Handbook, is actually borrowed from the Warren Community School. Each morning the students in this RSU 40 school recite their code of honor following the pledge to the American flag. We have adapted this code for Pen Bay Christian School by adding the words, “… in Christ I honor you!” Our guidelines for behavior take up several pages in our Student Handbook but they really can be summed up in this brief code. We can all honor our Savior by following these whether in school or at home. To help our elementary students learn their “Code of Honor,” I will be highlighting one character trait each week in our classrooms and in our weekly chapel service. Parents please feel free to encourage this code of behavior in your home as well!

In Him and for Him,
Mrs. Wallace

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