From the Desk of the Administrator

I have been enjoying the wonders of His creation lately! The leaves have finally turned in our coastal Maine communities and they are stunning! However, in our K-1 classroom, Mrs. Heanssler’s students celebrated Christmas in October! It was really fun to see all of her students dressed in Christmas colors or Christmas clothes. A Christmas tree was even decorated on the back table. Once again Mrs. Heanssler’s classroom is filling two shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. Samaritan’s Purse sponsors this and it is a wonderful opportunity to share the birth of Jesus, Our Savior as well as small gifts with children in other parts of our world.

Our other classrooms have been busy too. Mrs. Stanclift’s Grade 2-3 students are working on writing and publishing books. Mrs. Chamberlain always keeps her 4-6 grade students busy too. Our teachers are very talented in teaching across grade levels to meet the needs of each of their students.

Did you know that Mrs. Shaw has taken on two more hats?? This is another way of saying that in addition to being an excellent Preschool Aide in our 2 day 3 year old preschool program, she is also our Librarian this year.

Please keep track of all the special events happening here at PBCS this fall! Exciting days ahead!


In Him and for Him,

Mrs. Wallace

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