From the Desk of the Administrator

As you all know, I love our chapel services. I failed to mention a recent favorite presentation that Mrs. Chamberlain’s students shared. It went very well with our Pen Bay Christian School Code of Honor. The students acted out a court room scene in which the defendant could not pay her fine so she was sentenced to jail. The judge showed mercy and paid the fine for the defendant. This was also a wonderful depiction of what Jesus Christ has done for each of us. As sinners, we are guilty and deserving of punishment. In Christ, we have our Perfect Intercessor who paid our penalty on the cross. In these first weeks of school, we have discussed what it means to be fair, honest, and kind. This week, we begin to look at respect. I told the students last week at chapel that we would spend several weeks on the meaning of respect.

October is Fire Safety month and once again Fireman Pat has paid our school a visit. Our 4-year-old preschoolers will also be visiting the Rockland Fire Station. You may recall that as a school, we have dedicated our staff development this year to making Pen Bay Christian School a safe and secure place for our students to learn.

On a personal note, I wish to thank our students and staff for helping me celebrate my birthday. The PBA surprised me with flowers, a card, and a prayer journal. These acts of kindness meant a great deal to me. I am still enjoying some of the flowers.

I hope to see many of you at the Lobster fundraiser!

In Him and for Him,

Mrs. Wallace

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