1.22.16 From the Desk of the Administrator

Dear Pen Bay Christian School Family,
This week our country took time to honor a man who was a peacemaker. Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated because many Americans did not agree with his views. Growing up and reaching maturity in that turbulent time in our nation’s history I remember very clearly that other African American voices were not so peaceful and saw angry words and acts of violence as the only means to gain long overdue constitutional rights. Today, I also hear angry voices and our world is still full of violence on a scale that is shocking. I believe in the timeless truth of Scripture as taught by Our Savior Jesus Christ in Matthew 5:9, “Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called children of God.” Our country and our world will continue to try to legislate peace through law but only through Jesus Christ will one fine it!
Our students work hard in school so spending time with their family and friends should be the main focus of their evening. Establishing a nightly study time early in their school years is still a good practice to start. For preschoolers and kindergarten students, family devotions and/or enjoying family reading time establishes a beginning focus on literacy. For first graders, spending ten minutes practicing simple math facts, spelling words, reading with a parent or memorizing their classroom’s Bible verse, which can be included in family devotions, introduces a young learner to what will eventually become homework. Increasing this home study time by 10 minutes each new school year is developmentally appropriate as a child progresses through their schooling. Some children will benefit from the use of a timer and breaking the ten minute learning time up until it becomes a “comfortable” habit. Find what works best for your family. Study habits will vary from student to student because each child is a unique creation of God!
On Thursday, students and staff spent their day in pajamas! Despite the cold temperatures which have necessitated indoor recesses this week, our teachers have made every effort to make student learning varied and fun! We thank the Philbrook family for their very kind gift of sleds for our students to enjoy when the temperatures increase! Students may also bring in their own sleds to use (weather permitting). Please label sleds with your student’s name.
In Him and for Him,

Mrs. Wallace

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