1.15.16 From the Desk of the Administrator

Dear Pen Bay Christian School Family,
My husband and I have an expression that we have used each year as we packed away the Christmas tree ornaments, wrapping paper, and interior signs of Christmas in our home. We would say we were “putting Christmas in a box.” Now that we are both Christians, we are careful not to put the joy of Christmas and Christ’s birth “in a box.” Winter is not the time of year that I particularly feel my most joyful. As I have gotten older, this time of year is no longer equated with a toboggan ride down the hill but instead with a slippery skid up the hill!” When I was teaching, I did look forward to these next few weeks for an important reason. Educational researchers had determined that the weeks between Christmas vacation and February vacation were the peak time for student learning. This did seem to be what I found so I welcomed my students back with a long term research assignment on local history. As I am hearing teachers at PBCS begin their discussions of Academic Fair, I am thinking what a perfect time to engage our students in their major project of the school year.
In Him and for Him,

Mrs. Wallace

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