1.7.16 From the Desk of the Administrator

Dear Pen Bay Christian School Family,
I hope that your New Year is off to a great start! Our students have started their New Year, “on the ice,” as we once again strap on our skates at MRC for four weeks of ice skating lessons. Speaking of a chill, Mrs. Lappin has included a reminder about winter recess dress below. PLEASE make sure that your child is dressed for winter play. We monitor the temperature and the wind chill but this can vary widely throughout the day or week. Our playground is beautiful but can be very cold!
You may remember our staff has been completing the Peacemaker course with Pastor Paul Munro of the Owls Head Baptist Church. Over Christmas vacation, I shared breakfast with a Christian School psychologist visiting from Pennsylvania. I originally met her at the Women’s Bible Study I attend at my church. I love the opportunity to share with other Christian educators. Our conversation turned to the erosion of respectful behavior in America today. She uses a curriculum at her school from Peacemakers that is designed specifically for students. Erosion is a powerful force. It can dramatically reshape the landscape. This can happen very quickly or so gradually that it is hard to discern. In the course of my lifetime, what is considered respectful in our culture has undergone erosion. God’s truth as found in His Word, the Bible, has not changed. How wonderful to be “anchored to the Solid Rock”!
As you know, we have been learning the Pen Bay Knights’ Code of Conduct and studying what each character trait looks like in action. We have discussed fairness, honesty, and currently we have “camped” on respectful! I am sharing what I learned below. Parents, please feel free to borrow and adapt the diagram and the Young Peacemakers’ 5 A’s. My husband and I also discussed the diagram as I would NOT have predicted the percentages! School Administrators who have been married for decades can still learn their own lessons on respect!
In Him and for Him,

Mrs. Wallace

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