4.29.2016 From the Desk of the Administrator

Dear Pen Bay Christian School Family,

Academic Fair was outstanding this year!  I hope that you were able to attend on Thursday evening, April 14th. I want to recognize again all of the efforts that our students, teachers, and parents put into these projects and presentations. Mr. Wehnke’s Art Room was also a stunning display of color and pattern!  We also thank the PBA for the refreshments that would more correctly be described as a buffet supper!

This has been Terra Nova week at Pen Bay Christian School.  Our teachers do a great job of removing stress from academic testing. This week we added some special activities to our afternoon calendar. Monday, (thanks to PBA) Chewonki visited PBCS with a presentation on Maine Mammals. Our students worked in pairs to investigate mammal specimen which included a skunk, raccoon, flying squirrel, and fox among many others. A live opossum was the high point of the afternoon! Tuesday we moved our Music classes to the afternoon, and of course Mrs. Robertson held her Monday, Wednesday Spanish classes as usual. Thursday, students learned about bike safety with a representative from the Bicycle Coalition of Maine and our week ended up with Friday’s Art class.

Vacation week is always a great time for rest, relaxation and family fun. My husband and I ended our week with some spiritual retooling at Weekend to Remember, a marriage weekend, put on by Family Life. This was our 4th such weekend and while one might conclude we must be “slow learners” that is not why we are repeat customers. After all, we think nothing of having our car serviced or taking our child to the doctor for an annual check-up, and I certainly haven’t laid my Bible on the shelf having concluded that I do not need to read it. Our culture continues to assault Biblical marriage and family values. Becoming one in Christ is hard work and deserves our special attention. Family Life certainly makes it easy as they even have “an app for that.” There were over 600 who attended our weekend and to our surprise David and I were the couple married the longest. One of our “secrets” is the nightly time we spend reading God’s Word together and then praying. It is very hard to end your day mad at your prayer partner!

May, the last full month on our school calendar, is a busy month at PBCS. Be sure to check your newsletter so that one of these special times is part of your family’s calendar!

In Him and for Him,

Mrs. Wallace

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