5.6.2016 From the Desk of the Administrator

Dear Pen Bay Christian School Family,

This has been a special week at Pen Bay Christian School as we have tried to provide a BIG thank you to our wonderful teachers!! Without our teachers and educational support staff we would not have Pen Bay Christian School!  We appreciate the sacrifices they make on a daily basis to teach here!  Our teachers have college educations and some have advanced degrees.  They have chosen to sacrificially serve their Lord here at Pen Bay Christian School. Teachers do so much during their school day but what many do not see are the hours they spend preparing for their classroom. The majority of those preparation hours are spent during the evening, on weekends and also during summer months.  Teachers also have lunch and/or recess duties, often forsaking their own lunches and breaks to supervise the students.  The luxury of an uninterrupted break is considered a blessing.  Working at PBCS is a great service to God and we lovingly give up the uninterrupted 30 minute lunch break and the mandatory two 15 minute breaks one would receive outside of the education field. During my first years, I ate at my desk with my students in the classroom in addition to another duty. So, please thank our teachers as they work very hard serving our school because they love and want to serve their Lord!

In Him and for Him,

Mrs. Wallace

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