Student Handbook

Thank you for the opportunity to partner with you in the education of your child. 

Our mission at Pen Bay Christian School is to educate our students in a Biblical worldview.  Our policies and procedures are based on God’s Word and as such will always be distinctive.

Our goals for academic development are:

  • To teach the skills necessary for effective comprehension, communication and computation;
  • To provide a sound curriculum which will thoroughly prepare each student for his or her future academic and vocational goals;
  • To help students recognize in every area of study the revelation of God in creation and in the Holy Scriptures.

Our goals for social development are:

  • To encourage the sense of each individual’s worth as a special creation of God and a recipient of His love;
  • To foster wholesome interpersonal relationships;
  • To help prepare students for Christian leadership.

Our goals for physical development are:

  • To encourage the continuous development of the body’s physical abilities;
  • To open a venue for teaching Godly character in winning or losing;
  • To help each student develop respect for the body as a gift from God and the temple of the Holy Spirit, to be treated respectfully for a lifetime of physical, spiritual and emotional health.

Our Student Handbook is to provide useful and current information for our students and their families. Please take the time to read it and discuss with your child their responsibilities as a student at Pen Bay Christian School.

Here you can also find the Code of Honor and the School Calendar for our school.

Please pray for us that in all we say and do we will honor Christ and reflect His glory to a dark world.

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