School Calendar, Handbook & Code of Honor

September, 2018

Dear Parents,

Thank you for the opportunity to partner with you in the education of your child. It is our goal to provide educational excellence in an atmosphere of safety and respect.  We regard each member of our school community as a unique creation of God.

Our mission at Pen Bay Christian School is to education our students in a Biblical worldview.  Our policies and procedures are based on God’s Word and as such will always be distinctive.

Each year, our Student Handbook is reviewed before it is published. This year we have changed very little. Our goal in creating our Student Handbook is always to provide useful and current information for our students and their families. Please take the time to read it and discuss with your child their responsibilities as a student at Pen Bay Christian School.

You will find a digital copy of our Student Handbook on our website. The main reasons for this are:

  • Changes and revisions can be more timely.
  • Paper and printing cost will be much lower.
  • Legally we are required to post mandated policies.

Paper copies of our 2018-2019 Student Handbook will be found in each of our school classrooms, and in all offices at Pen Bay Christian School. You may also request a paper copy by stopping by the school office.

We have chosen to have the policy and cooperation signature pages attached to the yearly application packets in hopes they will be more convenient for our families.

Please pray for us that in all we say and do we will honor Christ and reflect His glory to a dark world.

In Him and for Him,

Cynthia Wallace,  B.A., M.Ed.

School Administrator

Code of Honor

2018-2019 Student Handbook

School Calendar

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