Financial Aid


Pen Bay Christian School is an extension of the ministry of Littlefield Memorial Baptist Church. The church supports the school by providing the use of the facilities, covering the cost of wear and tear on the building and janitorial services. However, the school itself is responsible for meeting all of its own financial obligations (such as teachers’ salaries, books, insurance, utilities, etc.) School accounts must be kept current in order for the school to meet its obligations. The School Administrator /Administrative Assistant acts as a liaison between the parents and the School Board in this matter.

If an account is over 30 days past due the statement due date, the Pen Bay Christian School Board reserves the right to ask the parent or guardian to withdraw the student(s) from the school. This will be a last resort after all efforts to work with parents to bring their account current has failed. Transcripts and report cards will be withheld until accounts are current. Please read carefully the rules in your financial agreement.


In an effort to make Christian education affordable for as many families as possible, the Pen Bay Christian School Board of Directors has established a financial aid program. Applications for financial aid are available in the school office and should be submitted by May 1st for the upcoming school year. Your financial aid award will be distributed to your account monthly provided you are current with your portion of tuition. If you are not current with your portion of the tuition your financial aid will be withdrawn for the following month. Financial aid may be reinstated upon request once your account is current. If your tuition payments are repeatedly past due, your financial aid may be removed from your account.


Tuition can be paid in full to the school by August 15th or payed in monthly installments. Payments are due by the 15th of each month beginning with August and ending with the May payment.  Payments are on a ten month schedule (August-May).


5% discount if tuition is paid in full by August 15th.

A multiple student discount applies to immediate family members attending Pen Bay Christian School. Discount rates are based on full time students and begin after the first full time child in the family.

First Child – Full Rate, Second Child – 25% discount, Third Child – 75% discount, Fourth child – FREE