Elementary School Admissions

Pen Bay Christian School admits students of any race, color and national or ethic origin.  An admissions application for enrollment in Pen Bay Christian School is available in the school office and must be completed and submitted in order for your child to be considered for enrollment.  Written and verbal notice will be given to new families after review of admissions application.

Our admissions procedure officially begins with a re-enrollment period in January, during which time, current students and their siblings have priority registration for the following year.  Families wishing to re-enroll must be current in their tuition payments.  After February 15th, the admission is open to new families.

We do not offer special education services at Pen Bay Christian School.  However, teachers do their best to met individual needs.  We do cooperate with surrounding school systems in scheduling P.E.T. meetings for those students with special needs.

To be eligible for kindergarten, students must be five years old by October 15th of the year they are entering school.  All students entering first grade must have completed a year of kindergarten.  The school Administrator may alter this rule at his/her discretion after assessing the development of the child.friends

Click below to download a form –

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