Part Time Students:

We are not accepting part-time students for enrichment classes at this time. Please check back with us second semester. -Thank you.

PBCS firmly believes that education begins in the home. Though we would love to have as many students possible full-time at Pen Bay, we strongly support home school families. We offer opportunities for home school students to participate in the following classes:

  • Physical Education
  • Music
  • Art

Students may be eligible for our sports teams (Soccer); additional fees may apply.

Please call the school office for up-to-date information.


  • Home school students who attend PBCS classes are considered part-time students.  Part-time students must observe the same policies as full-time students regarding absences.  In order to receive credit for a class, a student must not be absent for eight (8) or more days in one semester.
  • Part-time students may arrive on campus ten (10) minutes prior to their scheduled class and must leave campus within ten (10) minutes after their class dismisses, unless there is prior approval from PBCS staff.
  • Excessive tardiness will be grounds for dismissal from the class at the discretion of the school administrator.
  • Part-time students must adhere to the PBCS dress code guidelines and all student handbook policies while at PBCS.

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